"Now" are the things I'm

All in the Name

When you find your name twin on instagram, you travel 4,000 miles to have a beer with him. 

Grateful for our friendship, Keith.

Win People by Owning your Failures- Startup Summer Retreat 2019 - Session 1

Win People by Owning Your Failures

Here are the slides from a talk I once gave to founders giving them advice on cultivating confidence, self-awareness, and empowering them to realize that they'll tend to become what they think they are.

Good Tilt

On the side, I started occasional professional services to groups related to startup activity like founders and investor groups. 

After two hockey players fight, they'll often give each other a respectful nod and say, "Good Tilt." I've always thought there was something nice about that.

Street Hockey

Come play street hockey with me in Coolavin Park on Mondays at 7:30 pm.

All skill levels welcome.

Equipment necessary:

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I was pretty good at skateboarding when I was a kid. The COVID 19 pandemic got me back on my skateboard for the first time in a long time. This is about all I can do but, hey, it's something.

Inefficient Coffee Roasting

As a hobby, I started roasting coffee in my garage. I have a personal roaster that can churn out about 1 lb per hour of roasting. Not very efficient. But I use that time as an excuse to read my favorite book...or if I'm honest, scroll through my favorite subreddit. It’s a nice reminder to slow down in life. I think that’s why I like doing it.

ECU Hockey Reunion

Some people know that I went to East Carolina University for my freshman year of college before transferring. I played inline hockey with some of my favorite people on the planet. I organized a reunion game so that we could get back together. Some of us traveled a far distance from out of state to meet in Raleigh. My skill level declined the most over the years. No doubt about that.

I keep a running track of how many days I've lived...and approximately how many days I have left.

Sometimes I text my older brother and sister to remind them that they are "more done" with life than I am. They really appreciate it.